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About Pole Perfect Dance Studio

At Pole Perfect Dance Studio we offer a wide range of pole dancing classes which are tailored to the individual needs of our loyal Sydney based clients. Whether you are looking to join our classes to improve your fitness, flexibility or confidence, we have the classes to meet your needs while remaining within your budget. If you are looking for a company you can trust to deliver excellence while remaining dedicated to teaching informative techniques, Pole Perfect Dance Studio is the dance classes studio for you.

Beginner Dance Classes

Learn the foundation moves that build up your strength and endurance for pole with our informative beginner pole dancing lessons at our Sydney based dance centre. Learn a choreographed routine with break down of body rolls, head rolls that is taught over a 10 week period. A fitness exercise regime is in every class. After you have completed the first stage of beginners, the next class includes the following: Designed for students that are not quite confident for intermediate 1 but would be bored in beginners again. Learn beginner moves harder combinations and we introduce the intermediate moves with no pressure along with a choreographed pole dance routine.

Intermediate Pole Dancing Classes

Be introduced to the upside down pole moves, layouts, open leg Jamilla and longer combinations, which will test your endurance on the pole. Be whipped with the exercise regime that will increase your pole ability. Along with a choreographed pole dance routine. We also offer intermediate pole dancing lessons which increase in structural difficulty in 4 comprehensive levels.

Hens & Corporate Parties

Are you looking to have a little bit of fun with select work colleagues that is dedicated to ensuring a good time while remaining fun. With Pole Perfect Dance Studios we offer this with our fun hens parties and corporate events which can be help at our Sydney based dance studio. If you are interested in making a booking or finding out more information about our wide range of additional dance classes, please contact one of our professional team members today.

Sydney, New South Wales
  Phone   0410 796 936

Our Instructors provide the following services in Sydney:

  • Pole Dancing Classes
  • Pole Courses
  • Latin pole Courses
  • Burlesque Show Girl Courses
  • Kick Boxing Circuit Courses
  • Belly Dancing Courses
  • Gymnastic Courses
  • Flexibility Courses
  • Senior Discounts
  • Single Parent Discounts
  • Refer-a-Friend Discounts

Our pole dancing classes experts are here to assist you with a wide range of dancing classes to ensure you learn the correct techniques the first time:

  • Professional Instructors
  • Customised Pole Dancing Classes
  • Modern Dances
  • Fully Qualified

For more information about our wide range of pole dancing classes and other information, please contact us directly on 0410 796 936.

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Unit 1/6-8 Porrende Street, Narellan NSW 2567

Contact Us:

Contact one of our friendly pole dancing classes teachers and instructors from Pole Perfect Dance Studio on 0410 796 936 today.